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email: william@rowsell.co.uk

Brook House, Salters Lane, Ludgershall, Bucks, HP18 9NY


I am a versatile & experienced (20+ years) Senior Digital Designer (specialist skills and knowledge in UI / UX design) and have worked in design agencies, in house corporate departments, manufacturing companies and software development houses. I have worked in all situations & management levels & enjoy team interaction and collaboration. I can think creatively within the boundaries of project requirements but am also able to reshape client and improve requirements when necessary. I am used to client facing situations whether pitching for new business development or presenting design work. I am used to working under pressure in multi tasking environments and focused on exceeding client expectations to budget and on time. I have managed design projects & teams in a diverse range of market sectors at senior corporate level and as a sole trader using freelance resources. I have a broad range of design skills and have designed brands, corporate identities, websites (various CMS), software UX and UI for desktop, mobile, tablet and kiosks. Design of marketing collateral for POS, packaging, sales brochures, eLearning services (on & offline), event materials such as motion graphics for presentations and exhibition stands. I also works as a professional illustrator and can supply various styles upon commission.  

Career Summary

June 2018 - Present day - Senior UX Designer
Jan 2017 - June 30 2018 - Senior UX Designer
2016 - Dec 2017 - Senior UX Designer
Interdigital UK
Sept 2015 - 2016 - UX Designer
Zurich UK Life - FutureYou - See here
July 2014 - Sept 2015 - Freelance Designer
UX + UI Designer, Graphic Designer
Racketware Ltd - Motion sensor and software for squash coaching
Spiral (www.Spiral.ac - education SAS startup)
Creative Edge Software (Tesco product library resources)
April 2009 - July 2014 - Gladstone MRM Ltd (Jonas)
UX Design Lead, UI Design, Senior Graphic Designer
Managing design of all Gladstones Leisure Products
Design of all marketing for Gladstone Health and Leisure
Design of all marketing for Gladstone Education
March 2007 – 2009 - Ceridian
Lead Product UI Design Manager
Software UI Design, Branding, Software Help Design, GUI Design, Project Management
Also Freelance projects for: Ealing Studios, NSCR, Rick Kiddle Coaching, HCS Consulting etc
July 2005 – Jan 2007 - FujiFilm Electronic Imaging Ltd
Lead UI Designer
Software Design, Branding, Software Help Design, GUI Design, Project Management
Oct 2003 – July 2005 - Freelance
Freelance Media Designer
Graphic Design, New Media Design, Project Management
Dec 2002 – Sept 2003 - RMCS Cranfield University
Senior Designer
Illustration, Graphic Design, New Media Design
Sept 1999 - July 2002 - Research Machines plc
Art Director
Web/New Media/Print/Brand Design/Illustration
Jan 1999 - Sept 1999 - Harmonics Communications
Senior Designer
New Media Design, Account Management
August 1998 - Jan 1999 - Xstream-media Ltd
Partner / Senior Designer
New Media Design, New business
March 1997 - June 1998 - Visua Communications (Division of SSVC)
Graphic & New Media Designer
New Media & Graphic Design
August 1996 - March 1997 - Communiqué Group
Multimedia Designer
Interactive & UI Design
August 1993 - August 1996 - The Artery
Illustrator / Visualiser / Graphic Designer – (Design Studio)
June 1988 - August 1993 - Freelance Illustrator
Work Experience

Download my work history (word.doc)

Santander Mortgage Division (Jun 2018 – Present Day)


  • Online banking - Flexible Mortgage
  • Telephony - Internal data systems for front and back office telephone staff
  • Online banking - Mortgage applications and completions

Barclaycard (Jan 2017 - June 30 2018)


  • Business Banking Portal
  • DigiPOS
  • eCom Gateway
  • Barclaycard public website
  • DFS Finance
  • UX Standards

The Social Learning Network (Aug 14 – Present Day)

I have been working on this new approach to collaborative learning as a UX/UI Designer. See www.spiral.ac for more information.


Role: Graphic Designer, UX Design Lead, UI Designer, Front End Developer, Post Sales Support

I worked in many different design capacities across the company as I had a unique set of skills ranging from concept design to writing of the front end code. I built 3 of the company’s websites for Education, Health and Leisure (e-commerce), Cards Services using Dot Net Nuke as the CMS. Within my Graphic Designer capacity I created global branding standards guidelines for these 3 business areas with supporting collateral centralised within sharepoint for use across the business areas. I put the design processes in place so that those standards fed through in to product design so that support collateral and products retained a consistent look and feel. In my capacity as UX and UI Designer I worked within a number of development teams creating a new suite of products out of an outdated VB product called Plus2. The strategy was to break out the sub function areas in to a new browser based (web applications) suite of products. I worked on Contact Manager, eyeQ, join@home, Connect (see information about these products at www.gladstonemrm.com). I also remapped some legacy products so they used more up to date CSS Frameworks such as Bootstrap twitter. I created a centralised shared UI Templates directory at the heart of the product suite that all products used for their front end. This contained all the front end code and acted as library for developers to leverage off. All products were written in .NET. In my capacity within Technical Support services helped to fix bugs and support any UI customisation requests. As an example when I designed the front end framework structure for join@home I created a single variables file for all UI elements making it very easy to customise products using SASS. I also created customised themes (white labels for customers) as an extra chargeable activity liaising with clients directly. This was often quite difficult as their development environments were quite restrictive and intensive testing was required.


CERIDIAN LTD (Aug 07 – Sept 08)
Role: Lead UI Designer

I managed the design of the User Interface and brand strategy of this suite of online HR services. This involved interacting with development teams, 3rd party suppliers, marketing teams, help development and training departments. I also designed online help systems, user interfaces, events collateral, design guidelines (supporting collateral such as a style guide) so that consistent design standards are applied to all areas of the service. The company had no role in the past fulfilling this requirement before, so I have had to create new working processes and mentor colleagues in their application across the company.


Role: Senior UI Designer

I worked within the 30 man development team as front end User Interface Designer. I also wrote and designed the softwares help system using Madcap Flare. I also created the packaging and branding design for the product. This new ground breaking software was based around the new JDF (.jdf format) workflow process. The project had a budget of around 1 million and has now been in the market for several years. I also worked on some other interfaces for hardware displays used on FFEI's printers.


PANERIS (Oct 03 – July 05)
Role: Digital Designer

Working as a partner within this freelance development community, on a range of projects such as:

  • • Branding and promotional materials (electronic) design for a high tech company who install smart technology in to homes (www.domesystems.co.uk)
  • • Corporate communications work for several BP divisions (Retail, DCT, ) involving performance measurement and data collation. Working with HCS (design of Focus Group support materials) consulting and MORI (design of electronic & paper based surveys).
  • • Corporate communications work for Industrial Lubricants & Services, designing branded processes and materials (printed & Flash) to facilitate communication & engagement within this newly formed business. (Part of BP)
  • • A Corporate website (CMS development: http://begbroke.paneris.org) for Begbroke Science Park (part of Oxford University)
  • • A sales and marketing website for www.buildingdoctors.co.uk (Selling preconfigured architectural service packages)
  • • A signage project that involved creating an entire map of Sheffield for Connect Sheffield (client: Endpoint for Sheffield County Council)
  • • Corporate communications work for BP concerning internal measurement surveys, working with their Director of Communications at SPU Lubricants (in partnership with MORI) & 3 other business areas within BP.
  • • Corporate website for Miles Macadam (also managing their online marketing strategy)
  • • Website design an management for www.makower.co.uk
  • • Website and design management for www.wemyss.biz
Role: Illustrator/Graphic Designer

A ground breaking project called Military Knowledge 1. A (1600 pages, in 8 modules) distance learning course in printed and interactive electronic format for the Ministry of Defence. The first of seven courses at degree and masters level to be used at UK Military Academies. The course and its design collateral was designed so it could be used later in electronic format delivered online through a content management system.

  • • Style development (guidelines, illustration in conjunction with layout)
  • • Illustration design project management and client liaison
  • • Image processing to support multimedia development
  • • Illustration (300+ technical and conceptual images)
RESEARCH MACHINES PLC (September 1999 – July 02)
Role: Art Director / RMLearning Division - Service Design & Development

I designed interactive learning material and online services (see detailed project examples section) that taught subjects such as;

Maths at primary level:

  • • RM Maths interactive teaching content (go to www.learningalive.co.uk).
  • • Easiteach interactive teaching content (go to www.easiteach.co.uk to see demos and examples of content I and my team created).
  • • MathsALive Framework edition interactive teaching content.

English at primary level:

  • • Easiteach (English version) interactive teaching content involving exercises that worked within this whole class teaching tool that works on interactive whiteboards.

ICT at primary level:

  • • ICT Alive interactive content development introducing kids how ICT works in areas of learning or research and its many applications. I worked with subject matter experts storyboarding lesson plans etc

History at primary and secondary level:

  • • Living library content for clip art library, people and quotes, revision guides(created 2d and multimedia) and designed the user interface and navigation structures. (www.livinglibrary.co.uk)
  • • US Living Library content and service design (UI and look & feel)
  • • Formed and managed a design team to focus & support product brand design & content development within the RM Learning division of RM.
  • • Developed streamlined work processes for content creation & management, web design, multimedia design, application design, print design & brand identity design & integrated them with development work processes.
  • • Operated as an internal RM product portfolio brand management design consultant, controlling brand identity usage, development and maintenance.
  • • Advised & mentored personnel in all departments within RM improving quality and saving significant money in the commissioning of design resources.
  • • Managed the design & development of print collateral for content, marketing, training & support, & worked closely with the print buying department contributing to the saving of £250k a year in print costs.
  • • Managed the brand & structural design needs of over 20 products and services in electronic and printed formats.
  • • Designed RM Learning’s new flagship brand. An online subscription service portal called Learning Alive that involved the migration of 800000 users and the redirection of 9 existing online products. Since release it has increased its user base significantly.
  • • Managed the design team in the development of a product called “Maths Alive Framework Edition”, linked to from Learning Alive. A ground breaking on & offline delivered whole class maths teaching subscription service. MAFE has just been released and has already grabbed a 30% market share. It has also been hailed by education professionals as a breakthrough in the provision of online learning.

Learning Alive Learning Alive involved the migration of all existing RML products & services under one new umbrella brand. The Learning Alive brand was to be based upon a subscription model that had a new top level portal for all RM Learning future subscription services to link from. I project managed & created:

  • • The design of a new E learning subscription service portal web site with supporting design guidelines and technical specifications.
  • • A brand identity with 5 variants to cover usage situations.
  • • Brand identity corporate style guidelines.
  • • Brand identity resources in various formats to cover print & electronic needs.
Maths Alive Framework Edition
Role: Art Director

Project managed & led the design team in developing this ground breaking on & offline delivered whole class maths teaching service. This service was the first major subscription service to hang under the Learning Alive brand portal. Maths Alive has gained much critical acclaim from the educational establishment & customers and has captured 30% of the market after only 4 months of sales. My team & I created:,

  • • A web site with supporting style guidelines and technical design specifications.
  • • Supporting print material such as Maths Alive branded lesson plan folders and inserts.
  • • Business cards.
  • • Teaching activities (created in macromedia flash)
Role: Senior Designer-Account Director
  • • Project managed and executed design on a range of new media projects for clients such as Equant, The Wetland & Wildfowl Trust, Plantronics, The Room, The Wedding Shop (see project example descriptions in work experience section).
  • • Introduced business leads & developed creative pitches for new business which brought in an estimated 150k in to the business.
  • • Operated in a project management client facing capacity on accounts and interfaced with the in house design team and external freelancers.
  • • Mentored graduates & integrated them in to project teams while completing periods of work experience.
XSTREME MEDIA (Aug 98 – Jan 99)
Role: Designer/Account Manager

Aon Insurance

Pitched, project managed, designed and built the ASM & Special Risks web sites. Designed the web sites in Flash so marketing executives could use them as stand alone presentations. The sites were designed and built in 3 languages. To view go to: http://www.rowsell.co.uk/web

Cazenove & Loyd Ltd

 Built the web site for this travel firm. Web site was developed so that they could sell holidays online. Designed the site and utilised flash to create interactive maps and banners. The existing offline literature was turned into flash movies to be used on the site and as standalone promotional tools. To view go to: www.rowsell.co.uk/web

Summary Project Examples:

IMA (web site design) Bass Charrington (Multimedia presentation design) Impax Capital Corporation Ltd (Corporate web site design) MTR International (Corporate multimedia presentation design)

VISUA COMMUNICATIONS (Division of SSVC) - (Aug 96 - Aug 98)
Role: Graphic Designer

Ministry of Defence

Designed the interfaces for this training CD for the Ministry of Defence. The subject was tactical manoeuvre training for mechanised battle group personnel. The client wanted to express humour during the training so I also designed interactive cartoons that reacted to student decisions.

Hyatt Regency Birmingham

Designed a sales program using Macromedia Authorware with Surround Video that utilised 360-degree photographic views of the entire hotel. Worked with the client & the photographer when on the shoot then processed all the imagery & designed the program interface & interactive design.


Designed this information web site that was aimed at service personnel’s families. They could get latest news on their family member’s location and wellbeing. Summary Project Examples:

  • • Transvac (Corporate presentation CD design)
  • • Anglia (Corporate presentation in Authorware)
  • • Cellnet (Training program designed for single floppy disc)

Intercom Technology (Division of Communiqué)

Role: Multimedia Designer

  • • Manpower Recruitment (Corporate multimedia presentation)
  • • Universal Stores (Corporate multimedia presentation)
  • • Zurich Insurance (Training programme for claims processing software)
  • • Sauflon (Corporate Powerpoint presentation design)
  • • FraserCard (Corporate Powerpoint presentation design)
  • • Aspreys (Corporate Powerpoint presentation design)

THE ARTERY (Design Studio) - (Aug 93 – Aug 96)

Role: Illustrator/Visualiser

Design & Illustration for educational publishing, packaging design, visualisation, corporate brochures, posters, advertising/Marketing, brand identities


Role: Illustrator

Clients included:

  • • Natural History Museum
  • • Cambridge University Press
  • • Scholastic Publications
  • • BBC Enterprises
  • • Oxford University Press
  • • World Equity
  • • Radio Times & TV Times
  • • Amnesty International
  • • The Big Issue
  • • Sony Entertainment
  • • Colgate
  • • Longman Group Ltd
  • • Hambros Bank
  • • Co-Op Bank
  • • Lloyds Bank
  • • Marks and Spencer
  • • Tesco
  • • Manpower
Adobe Creative Cloud (illustrator, indesign, Photoshop, Lightroom, Dreamweaver, After Effects, Muse, Edge, Fireworks), Alias Sketchbook pro, ZBrush, Maya, HTML 5, CSS3, CSS Frameworks (Bootstrap, Kube, Yaml, Foundation, etc), SAAS, Less, winless, crunch, Adobe captivate, Madcap Flare, Tortoise CVS, TFS, Visual Studio 12-13, Axure RP, Balsamiq, UXPin, iPlotz, Pencil Project, iPhone mockup, Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, MS Project, Putty, PHP Designer, jQuery
Process & Management
Agile, lean UX, Innovation games, scrum, project planning, resource management (human, financial & material), work scheduling, client liaison, negotiation & sales, quality control, communication, quality control, brand structural management, presentation skills, mentoring, coaching & guiding, collaboration within multidisciplinary teams.
Conceptual, Visualisation enabling the visual articulation of design problems, cartoon and character creation, art direction, interactive design, user interface design (Responsive Web Design), interactive content design, illustration, conceptual interactive story boarding (still & animated), brand collateral, motion graphics design.
Drawing, painting, visualisation, illustration, storyboarding, typographic, layout, interface & aesthetic skills.