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See a range of resources I have collated from across the web to support my UX + UI design work.

Agile Lean UX Process
Diagrams: Methodology
Working together from End-To-End in an Agile manner
How it all comes together.
Read the book
Innovation games
Process diagram
Agile lean UX development process

How do I improve the way I work as a UX + UI Designer?

I must apply:

  • The proper integration and use of Agile and Lean UX as the working methodology (see diagrams above)
  • Integration of the use of Luke Hohmans Innovation Gamesto improve customer understanding
  • The use of live front end styleguide libraries
  • Short iterative design cycles
  • Minimum fidelity design documentation to achieve user feedback
  • Team involvement in design and get out of the building approach
  • Team colocation
Wufoo integration with SurveyMonkeyBuild forms in Wufoo and use in Survey Monkey
Business Model canvasTemplate on google docs - Create a new one
OlarkExperience the easiest way to boost your sales, help solve issues and understand your customers with Olark live chat.
VerifyVerify is the fastest way to collect and analyze user feedback on screens or mockups.
Kiss MetricsA customer analytics tool that allows you to understand and optimise the user experience throughout your entire customer lifecycle from first click to the last conversion.
SilverbackGuerilla usability testing - (Mac based) - record live usability tests through your webcam. It also records the screen activity.
WufooCreate forms for things like email signups or landing page MVPs - Quick and easy - Save time
UnbounceBuild, publish & A/B test landing pages. Negates having to design the pages and write the html to speed up the process.
Survey.ioA tool for testing product/market fir through a customer development survey
Kiss InsightsCustomer feedback tool
Personas ToolPersonapp allows you to create and share quick, lightweight personas using a simple lean framework
Business Model CanvasA great online tool - The faster, more effective way to communicate your business model with internal and external stakeholders.
Wireframe tool comparisonAxure - Justinmind - Balsamiq
Stakeholder InterviewTemplate
PersonasPersona capture and creation in detail
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Paper Prototyping

Paper prototyping helper kit

Link to the original page. Use this collection of controls, buttons and icons when we’re creating paper prototypes. The widgets can either serve as design inspiration or you can literally cut and paste them on to your user interface sketch. Read the extended article.


The helper kit is in PDF format, optimised for printing. For best results, print on 6” x 4” card, use repositionable glue and don't run with scissors.

Paper prototyping template

User Research

See a range of user testing approaches. When reading over the list, pick 5 techniques that you have not used before and that best fit your own product, budget and timescales and pledge to try them out in the next 12 months. That way you'll walk away with the beginning of an action plan.

Read the original article here or download a doc

  • Set up a cultural probe
  • Run an interview or customer conversation
  • Make a site visit
  • Run a card sort
  • Run a usability test
  • Act like a spy
  • get users to do a job
  • Hands off insight