I have worked as a designer for 20+ years in multiple mediums ranging from digital design as a User Experience & User Interface/web designer for software and web application services using a wide range of tools, processes and frameworks. I also have an extensive design background in the design of marketing and promotional collateral as a graphic designer. As a result of being the designer of software products I have also developed eLearning and help materials. I started out as a traditional fine art printmaker, painter and commercial illustrator and have worked for most of the large publishing houses. If you wish to see work examples please visit the Services or Gallery sections in this site.

Recent Work

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Recent work includes illustrating a book series called "The Speedicut Papers". Designing software products called Join@Home, eyeQ ( (for Gladstone MRM Ltd).

I have also been creating prints (etchings) inspired by the Norfolk landscape and St Trinian's sketches I drew on set. I am exploring sumi-e watercolour painting techniques to capture the English landscape.

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Gladstone eyeQ

Business intelligence software tool for analysing and visualising data.

Contact Manager

Customer communications management service.

Join at Home

Subscription membership management service.

Speedicut Papers

The Speedicut Papers is a self publishing project edited by Christopher Joll. It references the newly discovered writings of Flashman's friend Jasper Speedicut.

A brush with St Trinians

A series of etchings inspired by the girls from the recent Ealing Studios St Trinians films.

Myths Ceramic Range

A range of ceramics designed around 4 pairs of Greek gods.

Japanese Watercolour Bouquet Painting

Would you like your wedding flowers captured as watercolour paintings, painted in a japanese style?

Bluebell Wood Etching

This etching was of my daughter when she was 6 years old. The bluebells were out as we walked through the woods.