Wave jumper

Edition 1


Edition version: 1

Limited edition: 100

Edition available: 90/100

Size: 30cm 31cm

Paper: White 300gsm Fabriano Rosapina

Ink: Multiple colors (oil based)

April 26, 2008

The inspiration

When my daughter was 8 we were on the beach at Wells-by-the-sea on the North Norfolk coast in the UK on our annual visit to my cousin. In time honoured fashion Izzy was jumping the waves as they rolled in and I wanted to capture that timeless moment that all children have jumping over the waves as they roll in. It has also acted as a time capsule for us from that happy time.

Print process

This print is an etching created with 2 copper plates printed on the Rochat press at Oxford Printmakers.

The sea and sky are printed first on plate 1 using 3 tones of blue, then the figure and wave tones are printed in black using the second plate. The print is printed on to heavy 300gsm Fabriano Rosapina paper. The print is printed by hand and takes about and hour per print to create. The wet prints are dried for a week in the drying racks at Oxford Printmakers before signing and editioning.

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These prints are hand printed so quality comes with patience.



Wave jumper

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