Artist Statement


I live in a sleepy village in Buckinghamshire that we refer to as 'The Shire'. Close to the bright lights of Oxford but far enough away to hear the cuckoo sing in the summer. I grew up in the North West of England in Cheshire which still forms a strong part of my heritage and outlook. I went to art school at Manchester Polytechnic (80's) to do a degree in illustration under the tutelage of David Hughes (childrens illustrator and caricaturist) & Tony Ross (childrens illustrator). I worked for about 10 years as a freelance illustrator. Then I did a post graduate in multi media design at Central St Martins. This shaped my current dual career path as a Digital Designer / UX Designer and Artist.

Artistic practice

Drawing is at the bedrock of my art practice. I draw every day. The subject is almost irrelevant. I see myself more as a recording device using my drawing and painting skills to capture life as it unfolds around me. Of course this is now also online in the digital sphere as much as painting the real world. I flip between drawing a fashion illustration one day to painting outside en plein air with oils and canvas.

I believe that the subject you are capturing dictates what medium to use whether its oil on canvas, watercolour on paper or ipad. To capture the feel of a subject requires the characteristics of a special paint, software on a digital tablet or type of pencil or a combination of them all. There are no rules unlike any other real world activity. Its just trial and error and borrowing ideas from those who trod the road before you.

I avoid ever repeating myself and try and use new materials or approaches to challenge and produce new outcomes. This increases the failure but out of that constant experimentation come breakthroughs and happy accidents that lead you down new artistic paths.

As you look through my artwork you will see the wide variety of genres I have worked in whether its drawing fashion, dance, illustrating literature, fine art printmaking, plein air landscape painting or digital.

If I were to look back on my achievements as an artist and illustrator I would count having my work in public collections such as The Bodleian Library, illustrated books published by Oxford University Press, paintings and drawings on a multitude of private walls. What is more important though is the journey and the fact that it has kept me entertained and engaged for a lifetime and given others pleasure.

William painting in Provence in 1986
A younger version of me drawing on a hillside in Provence in the 80's. A lifetime of picking up a pen and taking lines for a walk!


My art training history:

  • Foundation course - Cheshire college of Art and Design
  • BA Degree course - Manchester Polytechnic
  • Post graduate - Central St Martins
  • 3D Design (Maya) - Escape Studios


I have exhibited work with a variety of artist groups and galleries over the years. If you are interested in buying an artwork you can purchase through my Shop here.

If you are interested in talking about a specific artwork please contact me using the form below or direct message me on Instagram. I would rather sell my work direct to you, my collectors and develop a relationship with you than have you pay extra commission to a gallery. See information about recent exhibitions that I have shown work.

Latest artwork in public sphere

Overdue magazine

Overdue magazine is a fashion macazine. They ran an article about Drawing Cabaret Couture who's online drawing sessions I subscribe and to and attend.

Drawing Cabaret Couture is an online art class put together by Janet Mayer, professional cabaret dancer and model, Matthew Lawrence, artist and set designer. The class combines life drawing with haute couture, taking inspiration each week from different artists or themes.

Klimt fashion illustration

My illustration created as a result of a Drawing Cabaret Couture live drawing session based around a theme of Klimt is featured in this article. Visit the article here

Past exhibitions

See information about past individual and group exhibitions.

  • Oxford Printmakers (various group exhibitions)
  • Bucks Artweeks
  • Welcome Trust