UX Career History


I have designed customer experiences for software solutions in market areas including Transport, IOT, Education, HR, Health and Leisure, Financial Services and Print-Reproduction. I have experience working in startups or corporate companies and with on & offshore development teams over the last 25 years. I have collaborated in the agile development of software products and online cloud services used by millions of users in consumer and B toB channels. I have part time ongoing working relationships with startups designing disruptive IOT products. I have a keen eye for detail and have developed and maintained UX and UI standards and frameworks for multiple brands. I have filled all levels of design roles whether at the pixel chalk face or in design management. On the way I have worked as a Graphic Designer for print and electronic media, front end UI Designer, eLearning Designer and a commercial Illustrator.

I have a mature range of UX process knowledge, technical (software) and core creative skills derived from my parallel work as a professional illustrator and fine artist.


Oct23 – Dec 15th, 2023

Lead UX / UI Architect Designer

Location: London (remote)


eCommerce – Sales portal for Finastra products

Design a customer facing sales experience for an online portal (Salesforce/Experience Cloud) to sell Finastra’s software products and services.


Design a new experience for internal Finastra employees to access internal IT support services.

Santander Europe

Aug/2018– June.2023

Senior UX Designer


Santander online banking - Mortgage app for brokers

Create a custom experience for Santanders mortgage brokers to manage mortgage applications (build in Salesforce).

Santander online banking - Mortgage web app for customers

Create a customer facing experience for new and existing mortgage customers with additional services and notification and communication features (build in Salesforce).

Santander online banking - Mortgages

Improve and extend existing journeys within the online banking website.

Santander Operations (Apollos) - Mortgage support calls

Create an application that allows call centre staff to service all call types related to mortgages (Custom web application).

Santander Operations - Mortgage home portal

Create an internal portal for use by all mortgage servicing teams (Salesforce).

Santander Operations - Mortgage redemptions

Create an internal servicing application (custom) for Santander’s telephony support teams to process mortgage redemption requests from customers via phone.

Santander Operations - Mortgage offer acceptance

Improve the mortgage offer acceptance journey for new Santander mortgage customers.

Santander online banking - Flexible mortgages

Move and redesign an existing online banking service for Santander’s Flexible mortgages. The existing platform was being decommissioned. The team updated the backend architecture, look & feel and improved the user experience.

Barclaycard Europe

Jan/2017– June 29th, 2018

Senior UX Designer


Merchant services portal

Replace an ageing merchant services portal for SME merchants. Included a three month research phase to detail the functional requirements of the portal resulting in outputs that included a research deck and a CX Matrix that recommended feature prioritisation and build phases. We developed a new lean ux process and added UXR to the ongoing integrated testing methodology within an agile two week sprint cycle. This resulted in a fully validated product from a usability and customer need perspective.

eCommerce gateway

Completea CX “Go to” and “As is” review of Barclaycards position in the eCommerce Gateway market and develop a new digital strategy to sell the range of Barclaycard payment gateways on Barclaycard.co.uk. Present the strategy to Exco. Use the prototype journeys and roll out new digital channels in partnership with marketing in 4 phases.

ePOS (Partnership with ePOSNow)

As part of the CX team I developed new personas to understand the users for this new electronic point of sale product. This involved conducting interviews, capturing transcripts from recordings and mapping proto persona from the insights. I followed this up with developing an ‘As is’ journey map for the dayone (MVP) proposition. This was followed up with a Go to map to capture the ideal proposition across all delivery and support channels.

Interdigital Europe

09/2016– 1 Jan/2017

Senior UX and UI Designer



UX& UI designer within a team of 10 developing oneTRANSPORT. A collaborative research and development initiative that extends the smart city concept toenable local authorities to enhance their transportation services using acombination of data sharing and an innovative business model, thereby unlockingnew external financial resources and their own underutilised transport data.The £3.5 million project, co-funded by innovate UK, will span two years laying the foundations for smarter transport networks in the UK and internationally.

Zurich UK Life

08/2015– 09/2016

Senior UX and UI Designer



A new business offering in the Financial services sector call FutureYou. Phase one and two involved moving corporate customers to consolidate pension plans, sell a stocks and shares ISA and Life Insurance. Designing a new platform using Salesforce and Marketing cloud as underlying technologies to enable accurate reporting anda flexible response to market feedback and activity within the site.

Racketware Ltd

11/2014– Present day

Senior UX / UI Designer

First to market motion sensor product for squash & other racket sport markets. The sensor fits on the end of your racket recording its movement 500 times per second. The data is processed and transformed in to statistical feedback and coaching resources that a player can use to improve their game. I joined the project in order to refocus understanding of player's needs within the product.

Creative Edge Software

10/2014– 11/2014

Graphic Designer

Packaging Design (contract)

Create a range of product library elements for use within this 3D Visualisation andprint design applications. Specifically take a range of Tesco products to provethe application of the software to Tesco in house brand managers. Also, createa suite of new demo products using a fictional brand based upon on the shelfcompetition.


05/2014– 08/2014    

Senior UX and UI Designer

Support the design and development of new functionality for this new education service that mirrors and enhances current teaching practise, providing teachers with a suite of connected apps that promote collaboration, engage learners and embed assessment for learning in lessons.

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Gladstone MRM Ltd (Jonas Software)

10/2008– 05/2014

 UX/UI & Graphic Design Lead

Gladstone provides software services (SAS) to Education, Health and Leisure and Card Services.


· Join@home

· Contact Manager

· eyeQ

· Kiosk

· Orbit



UI Designer      

Workedin the Product Management team during the development of a new product suitecalled HRevolution that provided hosted HR services.

Fujifilm Electronic Imaging (FFEI)


UI Designer

Project to develop new RIP software called XMF Workflow (www.ffei.co.uk).



Freelance Designer

Partner in a freelance design group working on a variety of projects.


· Dome systems

· BP


· Begbroke Science Park

Cranfield University / Royal MilitaryCollege


Graphic Designer / Illustrator

Worked as a designer on the Defence Academy site, developing learning materials for Sandhurst military college. A ground breaking project called Military Knowledge 1. A (1600 pages, in 8 modules) distance learning course in printed and interactive electronic format for the Ministry of Defence. The first of seven courses at degree and masters level now used at UK Military Academies. The course and its design collateral were designed so it could be used later in electronic format delivered online through a content management system.

RM learning Division

Service Design and Development

Research Machines PLC, Didcot


Art Director

When I worked there,RM employed 1600 staff in the UK, Australia & the US and was the marketleader in the provision of ICT & hardware in to the UK education sectorwith an annual turnover of £240m.


· Learning Alive

· Maths Alive Framework Edition

· Primary Maths Portfolio

· Living Library

· US Living Library

· EasyMail Plus

· Destinations

· Easiteach

· Window Box Online

· WindowBox

Harmonics Communications


Senior Designer / Account Management    


  • WWT (Wildfowl and Wetland Trust) – Website
  • HPS Advertising - Website
  • Plantronics (Multimedia Product Sales & Spec CD)
  • Sola (Promotional Creative Design)
  • Karen Earl (Corporate Web site Presence)
  • OIT (Corporate web site)
  • The Wedding Shop (Strategy & Creative pitch)

Xstream media


Graphic and Multimedia Designer / Partner


  • IMA (web site design)
  • Bass Charrington (Multimedia presentation design)
  • Impax Capital Corporation Ltd (Corporate web site design)
  • MTR International (Corporate multimedia presentation design)

Visua Communications


Graphic Designer


Ministry of Defence

Designed the interfaces for thistraining CD for the Ministry of Defence. The subject was tactical manoeuvretraining for mechanised battle group personnel. The client wanted to expresshumour during the training so I also designed interactive cartoons that reactedto student decisions.

Hyatt Regency Birmingham

Designed a sales program using Macromediaauthorware with Surround Video that utilised 360-degree photographic views ofthe entire hotel. Worked with the client & the photographer when on theshoot then processed all the imagery & designed the program interface &interactive design.


Designed this information web siteaimed at service personnel’s families. They could get latest news on theirfamily member’s location and wellbeing.

Intercom technologies

(Division ofCommunique)


Graphic - Multimedia Designer


  • Manpower Recruitment (Corporate multimedia     presentation)
  • Universal Stores (Corporate multimedia presentation)
  • Zurich Insurance (Training programme for claims     processing software)
  • Sauflon (Corporate Powerpoint presentation design)
  • FraserCard (Corporate Powerpoint presentation design)
  • Aspreys (Corporate Powerpoint presentation design)

The Artery


Multimedia Designer

Design,visualisation & Illustration for educational publishing, packaging design,corporate brochures, posters, advertising/Marketing, brand identities.

Freelance Illustrator


I worked primarily for an agent called ‘The Garden Studio’ that now trades under the name ‘illustrationX’.  I completed work for a large range of publishing and marketing clients including:

  • Natural History Museum
  • Cambridge University Press
  • Scholastic Publications
  • BBC Enterprises
  • Oxford University Press
  • World Equity
  • Radio Times & TV Times
  • Amnesty International
  • The Big Issue
  • Sony Entertainment,
  • Colgate
  • Longman Group (UK) Ltd
  • Hambros Bank
  • CO-Op Bank
  • Moscow Narodny Bank
  • Lloyds Bank
  • The Irish Bank
  • Marks & Spencer
  • Co-Op Wholesale
  • Tesco
  • MK design
  • Communique Group (Manpower)