Making marks

Before you start drawing do you ever ask yourself any of these questions:

The drawings in the video above were an investigation in to answering some of those questions. They represent a process of drawing the figure using a variety of media and using both hands under a time constraint.This forced my brain to learn new strategies when translating what I saw on to the drawing surface and how you drive your hands to make those marks. I have since employed these strategies in to my day to day practice. This could be starting a drawing in my dominant or non dominant hand,  drawing blind or doing a continuous line drawing. Drawing in my dominant hand allows me to make more accurate, deliberate marks. Drawing in my non dominant hand forces me to think harder and as I have less motor control be more considered about my marks. This way does lead to marks you didnt plan for so its more of a voyage of discovery and accident.
I believe that each drawing we make should be an experimental journey feeding off the subject in hand by trying out new mark making strategies. The end result is not always the important part of the exercise. Its the discovery of new ways of working that leads to new avenues of discovery which results in new exciting drawings.
The video above shows a series of drawings executed in a number of different ways. These drawings contain insights about my drawing that I now use in my general drawing practise. My mark making vocabulary has expanded which gives me a broader means of expression and feel when drawing. As a tip have a look at a Van Gogh drawing and explore the different range of marks he uses to describe a subject. The more you look at old master drawings the more you see the vocabulary of marks they used. Try using them in your drawing like I have in mine?

I am always happy to share all knowledge I have about drawing and painting. I believe in an open sharing of ideas, after all we live in a society that values free speech here in the Uk. So feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my work or want a knatter about art.