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Santander Mortgage Retentions

May 4, 2020
Lead UX Designer
Santander UK

Santanders front office telephone support services manage thousands of calls per month from existing mortgage customers who wish to switch to a new mortgage deal. Front office telephony agents used to have to use multiple systems to retrieve the information required to manage a large variety of call types. This necessitated a large number of call scripts and training to enable calls to be fulfilled successfully. The aims of the project was to deliver a web application that brought together all the data from these different databases and enable call staff to access relevant data to a call request quickly and easily. Over a 4 year project lifecycle I managed and designed the user experience for this custom application that increased retension rates, shortened call times, improved customer feedback and delighted internal staff.


· Improve the level of service provided to cystomers with Santander mortgages

· Answer customers questions on calls more efficiently

· Reduce service costs (faster completion of calls)

· Improve call quality

· Improve data capture

· Improve the accuracy of data held about customers (KNow your customer)

· Drive up customer satisfaction scores

· Reduce the number of manually maintained support materials (e.g knowledge guides)

· Match systems UX to call scripts

· Create a functional roadmap with Product Owner

· Discovery and analysis of all call types

· UX and UI design guidelines for new application

· Capture all user stories in collaboration with business analysts

· Management of UX backlog in conjunction with user testing

· Design all wireframes and prototypes

· Conduct user testing and research with call staff and other stakeholders

· Capture business analysis and identify improvement measures


· Full phased delivery and release of all business and user requirements

· Ability to search for all customers and display relevant customer account detail for the beginning of calls

· Ability to service calls for: Contract variations, Additional loans, Consent to let, Bands, Property valuations, Overpayments, change to mortgage type on loan parts, property valuation, adding new loan parts, application progress request, query on outstanding documents, checking loan to value, informal term extensions and assist offers

· Users say: "Its so easy to use! Much, much better than MRS! with Apollos it's all in one place..."

· 95% of obsolescence removed

· 50% less clicks

· Reduction in call times and cost on all call types

· Improvement in call quality due to all call script info included in the UI relevant to call journeys

· System reflects mortgage book changes automatically

· Improvement in job satisfaction for call staff

· Reduction in training time for call staff

· Technical risk removed

· Time to access data improved by 30%

· Renewals per month increased

· Fully accessible

· Massive improvement in usability with a responsive custom UI via a web browser

· Extra upsale of insurance

· Enhancements to back end data sources in parallel with project utilised by other areas of the bank

· Recognised as best practise within the bank

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