Fashion Illustration


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Illustrations are inspired by current fashion designers, brands, and captured in sessions with Drawing Cabaret Couture
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I started drawing and painting fashion illustrations after discovering Drawing Cabaret Couture. It has turned in to an obsession and transformed my approach to drawing. Drawing the clothed figure is balancing act between the frame and pose of the figure and the draped design of the clothing defined by the designer. I look for that interplay and flow between the two. Sometimes it might be a detail that catches my eye and encourages me to start there and expand from there. Every drawing should be a new exploration in mark making and use of materials to push the image creation to a new level. Fashion illustration reflects our times and is an exciting candy box of contemporary cultural influences. It keeps me constantly inspired to try and break my creative boundaries. I draw fast and with energy which I aim to transfer into image. I want the image to jump of the page at you. I want you to gasp in surprise.

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